23 Jul

5 Ingredient dark chocolate dairy-free “Gelato” recipe

Guys! I’m so excited about this dairy-free “Gelato” recipe!! I’m lactose intolerant (sorry if that is TMI 🙄 ), but I love Gelato, ice cream, soft-serve, you name it. It’s difficult sometimes to pony-up for the expensive dairy-free offerings in the store that are clean labeled as well, so I

6 Jul

My vegetarian baby doesn’t eat no stinkin’ meat

That’s right, I said it. My son does NOT need meat in his diet. In fact he is thriving on a balanced predominantly plant-based diet, in tandem with his breast milk/formula. We make nutrient dense homemade vegetarian baby food for Oskar and he loves it. It’s also getting mom and

26 Oct

Vegan sweet potato pumpkin pie casserole recipe

Pumpkins and sweet potatoes are two of my favorite fall/winter vegetables. I just love them! My husband and I especially love sweet potato casserole. In fact, we are the only 2 that eat it at my side’s holiday celebrations. So, more often than not, I end up making it. Since

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