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17 Jan

Easy Spinach Pesto Recipe

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Pesto is one of those delicious sauces that may seem intimiating to make at home, but in reality, it is super easy. With the price of pine nuts being upwards of $18 or more per pound, finding alternative nuts, and even different greens, is a great way to save some

7 May

High protein veggie burgers

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I’ve been purchasing the black bean veggie burgers from Costco recently and decided, meh, I can do better. They are pretty pricey when you break it down by the burger and they aren’t all that filling. I typically eat 2 per meal. Though they are a convenient option, making your

7 Dec

A Mediterranean dinner for four made easy with Wild Garden heat and serve pilafs

One of my favorite dishes in the world happens to be Mujadra. The first time I had Mujadra was at Al-Ameer restaurant in Dearborn Michigan. The restaurant’s interior looked like it came straight out of the 80’s; with pale pink and teal hues. My co-worker, who took me there, ordered

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