Oreo cream pie recipe

 It was my husband’s birthday and come 11 am I still was not sure what I was going to make him for his “birthday cake”. I frantically looked around the house to see what was on hand and came up with this simple dairy-free Oreo cream pie recipe. We love Oreo cream pie at our house and it happens to be extremely easy to make.

Oreo cream pie recipe My initial plan was to make an Oreo ice cream cake for him. However, the weekend got away from us and time was cutting short. In my defense, we do have a seven month old who is quite demanding! 🙂 Since I already had the Oreo’s, non-dairy milk, coco whip and pudding mix in the pantry, creating a simple, dairy-free, Oreo cream pie recipe was a no-brainer.

I like to make my pie crusts from scratch. My favorite crust has always been graham cracker crust. It’s easy, and quite frankly, it’s flat out delicious. With an abundance of Oreo’s on hand and a husband who is a cookie fanatic, I figured, why not throw some Oreo’s right into my traditional graham cracker crust recipe? So that is what I did. Shaun also happens to love chocolate, so I added some chocolate chips to make the crust even more decadent. This is where the double chocolate comes in.

Oreo cream pie recipe

Oreo cream pie recipe If you have a couple of hours you can make your own homemade chocolate pudding “mousse” and your own coconut whipped cream using my recipes (follow the hyperlinks). Otherwise, pre-made options (pudding mix + coco whip) are just fine and are what I used for this recipe, but don’t skimp on the crust; make that from scratch. You’ll thank me later…

Oreo cream pie Oreo Cream Pie Recipe This Oreo cream pie recipe turned out fantastic. The extra bits of chocolate chips in the crust really made the pie, so don’t skimp on those either! Our dinner guests gobbled the pie right up and most importantly, my husband loved it. I’ll definitely be making it again in the near future 🙂

Double chocolate Oreo cream pie with homemade Oreo graham cracker crust
Serves 9
A super decadent twist on an Oreo cream pie
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
2 hr
Total Time
2 hr 10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
2 hr
Total Time
2 hr 10 min
  1. Oreo graham cracker crust ingredients
  2. 1 package of Oreo's (any flavor - I used original)
  3. 2 packages cinnamon graham crackers (16 pieces)
  4. 2 heaping Tablespoons of Earth Balance or other non-dairy spread
  5. 1 tsp cinnamon
  6. 1/2 tsp salt
  7. 1/3 cup packed dark brown sugar
  8. 4 T water
  9. 1/3 cup chocolate chips (Enjoy Life has dairy-free)
  10. Pie filling Ingredients
  11. 2 boxes of instant pudding mix or 4 cups of homemade chocolate mousse
  12. 3 cups non-dairy milk
  13. 1 cup of whipped topping
  14. Topping
  15. 5 Oreo's - crushed
  16. 1 container whipped topping
  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. Add 10 Oreo's and grahams to a blender or food processor and process until a coarse grind
  3. Microwave buttery spread on power 5 for 25 seconds so semi-melted
  4. Add buttery spread to Oreo mixture
  5. Add in sugar, salt and cinnamon
  6. Mix with hands and add in water until mushy
  7. Add in chocolate chips and mix with hands until well combined
  8. Press crust mixture onto the bottom of a greased 9x9 inch pan
  9. *Add extra chocolate chips to cover any holes if needed*
  10. Bake for 15 minutes and set aside
  11. Pudding Pie Filling
  12. Make pudding to the "pie directions" on the label (reduce milk to 3 cups total)
  13. Crush 5 Oreo's in a Ziploc bag
  14. Add in 1 cup of crushed Oreos and 1 cup whipped topping
  15. Mix until blended
  16. Add to pie crust
  17. Top with 1 container of whipped topping (coco whip or true whip are great options)
  18. Crush 5 more Oreo's in a Ziploc until coarse
  19. Evenly distribute Oreos on top of whipped topping
  20. Let chill in fridge for at least 2 hours
  21. Slice and serve!
  1. *to make this vegan use a gelatin free instant pudding mix or make your own chocolate mousse using my 5 min recipe (on site - follow dessert recipes link) ! Use coco whip by So Delicious instead of cool whip or if you have the time, make my homemade coconut whipped cream. It's better that way anyway!
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