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I’m a married woman, but last Thursday I went out on a date with a very attractive man. He held my hand as we walked down the city streets and even opened the door for me. Over dinner, we had natural conversation that seemed to keep flowing. He was really passionate as he spoke about his work. He listened when I talked, and even picked up the check. Needless to say, I’m interested in going on date number two.

Turns out, I’ve known this man for almost eleven years now. We met back in college and have been dating ever since. This man that I’m seeing is my husband, and the father of my son. We’ve always made it a point to date one another, one-on-one, without other couples. It’s a way to continually ignite intimacy between the two of us. 

If you are also married or in a committed long-term relationship, do you ever just stop and look at your significant other and think, wow he or she is their own person and there was a time when we didn’t know one another? It’s the strangest experience ever, but it’s something that I try to do often. It helps me remember that my husband is a gift. He’s a unique individual with his own experiences outside of our home. It’s easy to forget this simple fact when our lives are so intertwined with one-another. When I stop and reflect, I realize I want to get to know him better; even after all these years of dating, marriage and now parenthood.

When was the last time it was just the two of you? When did you last lose yourself in conversation with one another (and I’m not talking about conversations involving your kids)? When did you last hear the passion in your spouses voice and feel invigorated after learning more about their dreams?

If you cannot remember the last time you truly dated each-other, do yourself a favor and book a babysitter and get out. It’s worth the investment.  As for us, we’re going on a another date tonight. I can’t wait to learn something new about my roomie.

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