green smoothie recipe

Green smoothie recipes vary by the person who is making them. Some contain protein powders, some just fresh fruits and leafy greens, while others include exotic combinations that seem somewhat overwhelming. I stopped drinking green smoothies for a long time (too long). When I was pregnant, I craved refined sugary foods. A big part of that was the way I let my cravings take over – okay that was the cause. When we eat crappy foods, we continue to crave them and the cycle continues. In order to stop the sugary cycle I got myself into, I had to pretty much abruptly stop eating the crap I craved so frequently and replace it with wholesome plant-based foods such as fruits, berries and nuts. Green smoothie recipe

Jumping back on the green smoothie bandwagon was one of the best decisions I made for my health recently. Now I crave starting each morning with fresh greens and fruits. This version of a green smoothie recipe really helped with the transition since it’s sweet, yet tart, creamy and satisfying. The peanut butter and large amount of kale both help keep you full longer (kale is rich in fiber and peanut butter has both fiber and protein to keep you full). If you are just looking for a high fiber, nutrient dense drink, I recommend omitting the peanut butter and banana. It’s rather tasty and I’ve been drinking that quite often lately. As an added plus, I’ve been dropping the baby weight a lot quicker now that I’ve changed my eating habits again and am back to exercising on a regular basis. Cheers to feeling and living well!

green smoothie recipe

Peanut butter apple jack green smoothie recipe
A creamy and deliciously tart kale based smoothie to jump start your day!
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. 1 large granny smith apple
  2. 1 T natural peanut butter
  3. 1 cup dairy free milk - I used vanilla soy milk for this recipe
  4. 2 tsp lemon juice
  5. 1/2 banana
  6. 2 cups packed kale
  7. 6 ice cubes
  8. 1/2-1 cup water
  9. dash of cinnamon
  1. Cut up all fruit and add everything into your blender with the lightest ingredients on the bottom (kale). This way it blends up easier. Blend until smooth and creamy!
  1. *If you are looking for something lighter and refreshing, just omit the peanut butter and banana. It's very tasty!
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