Plant-based menu options at Seasons 52

by Samantha Turner

When I got invited to taste the new menu offerings at Seasons 52 in Downtown Chicago, I was excited for three reasons. First, I love a good excuse to get dressed up and go downtown. Second, I love free food (don’t we all?). And third, as a Health Coach, I am always on the lookout for restaurants that serve tasty food that’s actually good for you – especially when the menu has crave-worthy plant-based options.

Seasons 52 is a national Darden restaurant brand that coins itself as a “fresh grill and wine bar that offers a seasonal menu inspired by the appeal of a local farmer’s market and what’s good now.”  Seasons 52 is definitely one of Darden’s more upscale dining establishments, but is not stuffy at all.

While the majority of menu items are meat-based (think lots of fresh seafood and steaks), there are some delicious plant-based menu options at Seasons 52 and the chefs are very willing to customize meals in order to make them vegan or plant-based. This makes Seasons 52 a great spot for any diet or occasion.

Plant-based menu options Seasons 52 One of my favorite plant-based menu options at Seasons 52 was the Tomato and Hass Avocado Salad with Arugula and 15-year aged Balsamic (pictured above). They definitely did not skimp on the avocado, as there were huge chunks! I also enjoyed the Summer Vegetarian Tasting Entrée which contained a quinoa-citrus salad, soft vegetarian taco, seasonal vegetables, cedar roasted tofu and tropical salsa (feature image). It was very satisfying. I washed this all down with a cool refreshing Organic Meyer Lemonade Cocktail. It was perfect for a hot summer night.

Outside of the tasty plant-based menu options, the restaurant was elegant and the service was awesome. My guest and I felt like we were on vacation in our own city. I would definitely return to Seasons 52 for a date, a night out with friends or as a location for a special event. Everyone can find something delicious to eat at Seasons 52 and it’s a great excuse to get dressed up if the urge presents itself. Plant-based menu options at Seasons 52

What are some of your favorite plant-based menu options at Seasons 52?


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Samantha Turner

Samantha Turner is a Chicago based Certified Health Coach working with clients to achieve individual wellness goals by creating and implementing healthy habits that transform lives. Samantha is passionate about healthy cooking, nutrition, enjoying the outdoors and music. She has her own wellness blog where you can learn more about Samantha and her custom coaching services. Find Samantha’s articles here.

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