The Purple Carrot

Let me start off by saying all Ashley Gilday readers get their first order half off with the coupon code below! This is worth $30.00! Do I have your attention now?  The Purple Carrot delivers creative, fresh and simple organic plant-based meal solutions right to your door via FedEx. I personally got the opportunity to try their service out and I was impressed.

With full-time work, parenting and travel;  grocery shopping may not always on the top of your to-do list (especially with young children!). The Purple Carrot makes things simple.  Did I mention all meals are plant-based? That is just cool. Founder Andy Levitt watched the documentary Forks Over Knives and was so moved that he created The Purple Carrot to not only simplify peoples lives, but to get chef-created plant-based meals into the kitchen of individuals and families across the nation.

The Purple Carrot

How it works

  •  Go to their site, sign up and pick 2 of four dinner options for the week ahead
  • They will send you a delicious snack for free along with your 2 dinner options
  • All meals and snacks come with a Chef created recipe, pre-measured ingredients and everything is labeled (per above)
  • Each meal feeds 4
  • You place the order and it ships via FedEx directly to your crib (house, condo, apartment, trailer). HOLLA!
  • Cost: $59 per week, you can cancel anytime

Ashley Gilday readers get 50% off their first order with coupon code “AshleyGilday”. Just apply it at check out and you will get hooked up.

Share your thoughts on The Purple Carrot’s at home meal delivery service below. They would love your feedback and so would I

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  1. Hi Ashley, my wife and I tried to sign up for this meal service, unfortunately it can not ship to our area. We are living in Alabama, are there any other services like this that you might recommend that’ll ship to us here?

    1. They should be adding Alabama soon. I let the company know to reach out to you!

  2. Same thing happened to me! I’m in the New Orleans area, and they are not shipping here. Totally bummed!

    1. Hi Jessica- be sure to email the purple carrot and let them know that they need to come to your market!!

  3. I heard they are coming to California? Will they service Silicon Valley area soon?

    1. Hi Susan, I’m not sure. I’ll email them and cc you!

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