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There is no time like the present. One of the many lessons I learned this year.

For the past couple of days I have been fidgeting with the idea of a final post for 2014. Well, it literally just came to me. I love that about being me. I used to have a lot of anxiety surrounding my “to-do” list and now I’ve finally learned to trust myself. The work will get done, the idea will come to me. It always does. Another lesson learned. Trust myself. A novel thought indeed.

Here are 14 other life lessons I learned in 2014. If you can relate to any, I’d love to hear your experience in the comment section below.

  1. People aren’t going to behave exactly how I want them to. Everyone has a certain way they work, a certain way they communicate and organize their day. I live in a world with other, unique people, who are going to act differently than I do. That is the beauty of individuality. It may drive me nuts at times, but I try to remember, the way I do things isn’t the only way.
  2. Think before I speak. The pause. I know it well. What I say can be offensive, come out the wrong way or simply be down right cruel. Even if I didn’t intend for it to be. The pause before opening my mouth is what it’s all about. This relates to my “don’t be reactive” lesson learned from my twenties post.
  3. Family comes first. Here’s the thing. They may drive me nuts and they definitely are far from perfect, but family is very important. My job can wait, the blog post will be there, chores are inevitable. But my family will not be around forever.
  4. I am never going to get Jimmy Fallon tickets. I try every week and nope, sold out. I have finally accepted the fact that I am never going to see him perform live on The Tonight Show. Tear.
  5. Surrendering is the only way to live. This lesson creeps up a few times a year. Who am I kidding? I learn this lesson almost daily. I am not in control. No matter how much planning I do, life unfolds the way it is supposed to. When times get rough, I surrender. Only then, does everything truly work out.
  6. Not everyone is going to like me. Wow. Swallowing a big gulp of humble-sauce is not easy to do. Let me tell you. This past year I’ve encountered a few people who I admired and were inspired by, to find out… THEY DON’T LIKE ME! For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what I did. Turns out, I don’t like everyone I meet either and guess what? Sometimes those people didn’t have to do anything. We just didn’t jive. Oh well.
  7. Dress for the occasion. Someone pointed out to me that I may “over do it” with my dress at times. I was highly offended and thought I dressed appropriate at all times and for the occasion. I like to be fashionable. So sue me. After some reflecting and raw self-honesty, I realized there are times where I may have overdone it in the wardrobe department. What was I getting out of it? More confidence? Perhaps. Now, I think twice before choosing what to wear for all of life’s events and ask myself, “what is my motive?”.
  8. It’s okay to be vulnerable. This past year I really opened up with my extended family. It felt great. Sometimes I am afraid to just be me. The real, raw, me. I thought certain family members had it all figured out and would think I am crazy or something. Well, I may be a little crazy, but they still love me. It’s refreshing to have an intimate relationship with my loved ones.
  9. When I don’t want to do something, I don’t do it. This is a lesson that I have been learning over the past decade. As I age, it gets a lot easier to say no to activities that I do not want to partake in, without feeling like I am going to offend someone or hurt their feelings. I cannot control how others are going to act and I cannot control their feelings. They own theirs and I own mine. So, no, I will not go with you to pick out lawn furniture. Sorry!
  10. Get over yourself. (This one is for you!) Seriously. Are you still holding a grudge against an ex-friend or a relative? You could be struck dead tomorrow. Get over it. Make an amends. Own up to your side of the street and move on for Pete’s sake. You are only making yourself and the others around you miserable. What are you waiting for? There is no time like the present!
  11. Who am I kidding? I’m not moving to California. I’ve had my heart set on moving to LA for the past three years. It’s not going to happen. Life has other plans for me and they happen to be located primarily in Chicago, IL. I’ll stop mentioning it honey….I promise.
  12. Schedule time to do whatever I feel like.  This may be one of the most important lessons I learned in 2014. I am a creative person by nature and in order to let that creativity burst through, I need time to be still. Time to do whatever the heck I feel like doing. That may be writing, taking photos of food, painting, or heck, cleaning the house. It’s rejuvenating to have nothing on the calendar to do as the spirit wishes!
  13. Skinny people should refrain from singing Meghan Trainor’s “All about that Base”. It just doesn’t work. Sorry honey.
  14. Not all smoothies are created equal. Oh yeah. I gained a few lbs after going on a “smoothie diet” this past year. I couldn’t figure out why! I was drinking smoothies for breakfast, so I should be fit and trim! Shouldn’t I? When I started adding up all of the protein powders, peanut butters, fruits, sugars and milks (dairy-free of course) I added into my Ninja, wow. It was a lot of calories!! Now I think as if I was actually sitting down and chewing all of the ingredients I add into my smoothies. Makes a world of difference!

Have a safe and Happy New Year celebration wherever you may be!

life lessons Cheers to good health and a happy and prosperous 2015!


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  1. Ashley I love the versatility of the insightfulness lessons. Everything from looking closer at what you say to what you put in your mouth to what your motive is.

    1. Thank you Annette. It’s good to be honest with ourselves even when its tough!

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