14 Nov

Why I will go back to LYFE Kitchen

As a food writer I get invited to dinners. It’s a perk I definitely enjoy. When I was invited to dine at LYFE Kitchen in Chicago, I eagerly accepted. How could it have been a full year and I haven’t made it into LYFE yet? This was the push I needed.  I mean, come on, dinner was on the house!

LYFE Kitchen’s Chicago and Evanston locations turn 1 today. In honor of their first birthday they are giving away free samples of their most popular dishes. Smart move. Once you try it. You will likely be back.


Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Squash

I will go back as a paying customer. Here is why.

  1. The food is fresh and as local as they can source.
  2. They have a plethora of plant-based options. Try the unfried “chicken” and brussels sprouts with squash.
  3. Everything is under 600 calories and there are no deep fryers!
  4. They have Trefethen chardonnay on tap (YUM!)
  5. The menu is eclectic.You can have Thai and American comfort food in one sitting.
  6. LYFE is upscale fast-casual fare at affordable prices and in a classy but low-key setting.
  7. Service is very good. They cater to all diets and seem genuinely eager to please every guest that walks through the door.
  8. In Chicago there is a nice outdoor patio to sit on.
  9. You know Chef Art Smith? As in Oprah’s personal chef…yeah, he is one of their consulting chefs on staff. So is Chef Tal Ronnen. The Concious (vegan) Cook!
  10. The General Manager at the River North location, Brinker Wolf, is extremely knowledgeable on the operation and on the food that they serve. He is also quite passionate about the work he does to make his guests (you!) happy.

Let me know how you like your experience at LYFE below!

The Scoop: LYFE Kitchen is set to open a Streeterville location this March. The opening has been delayed from is original date this winter due to construction, according to Brinker Wolf.



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