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Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant is sharing her favorite restaurant recommendations from her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, her current town of Chicago, IL and one from Los Angeles with us. I am so excited to have Jessica on Ashley Gilday. She is an amazing designer, an incredible writer and an inspirational plant-vangilist! Jessica offers personal coaching on plant-based eating, creates crave-worthy recipes and works with restaurants to plantify their menus.

I’ve asked Jessica to dish up her favorite hidden gems and to share a little bit about each spot. Every place Jessica mentions has a plant-based option on the menu even it it isn’t a fully vegan restaurant.

Ashley Gilday: What is your favorite food to order out and why?

Jessica Murnane: Anytime I see a veg (vegan) Caesar on the menu, I order it. No matter what. I just love them so much and want to see how every chef makes his/hers. The last time I was in LA, I think I had about six of them, because pretty much every restaurant has one! I just love the crispness of the romaine and tangy dressing. Topped with some avocado or sprouts and it’s my favorite meal.

AG: Name one restaurant anywhere in the states that you think we should know about.

JM: Shojin in Los Angeles, CA. What is it? All veggie sushi Go for: A Date Order: Crazy Pirate roll Notes/Tips: This spot is hidden in a Korean Mall. You might not think anything of it from the outside, but it is so incredibly good. All of their desserts are made with maple syrup and have none of the white stuff. I dream about the sushi here and had never liked sushi until I had Shojin.

AG: Can you share a restaurant from your hometown of Columbus, OH with us?

JM: TILL What is it? Locally-sourced James Beard Winning Awesomeness Go for: Lunch or Dinner with friends Order: Spicy Cashew Mac N’ Cheese Notes/Tips: This isn’t a veg restaurant, but they always have one or two items that are veg. But really the only thing you need to consider is their mac n’ cheese. Unreal!

AG: What restaurant do you recommend to people when they are visiting Chicago?

JM: Trenchermen. What is it? Beautiful food in a beautiful space Go for: Meatless Monday menu Order: Whatever the chef has on the menu that day (it’s all good). I love his savory sorbets. Notes/Tips: Trenchermen is an OPP (One Part Plant) restaurant partner, so even if you don’t go on a Monday – there will be something on the menu for you. Brunch on the weekend also rules. Think veggie hash and a very strong cocktail.

You can learn more about Jessica Murnane on her site, One Part Plant.  Have you been to any of Jessica’s recommendations?

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