Welcome to my new site: Ashley Gilday Live Well. Eat Well. Pay It Forward

A fresh new site, but the message remains the same: Live Well. Eat Well. Pay It Forward. All things are connected. What we choose to eat and how decide to live our life not only has an effect on our body, but on the environment and all other living beings on the planet. Pretty rad isn’t it? That’s why I believe eating plant-based is a form of paying it forward. While eating plant based foods is important, it is not the sole message of Ashley Gilday.

There is so much more!

Have you ever wondered where the Chef’s at your favorite restaurants and brands like to eat? What about other veggie or wellness bloggers and food writers? I have some awesome contributors lined up, so get ready to know their tasty little secrets under the restaurant tab!

There will also be inspirational stories of hope from others, including myself.  If you feel moved to share an inspirational piece on Ashley Gilday please drop me a line.  For many, the internet is one of the first places we go when searching for hope. So let’s join forces and let people know they are not alone and can get through whatever obstacles life has thrown their way.

Now back to the food!

I have been a busy bee in the kitchen while this site was under development. I have so many delicious recipes to share, from smoothies to savory Sheperd’s pie. There will also be a collection of Meatless Monday recipes, so be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter so you never miss a bite and check out the event section for upcoming cooking demonstrations and other fun wellness events throughout the year!

Please continue to spread the good word on good health and share what you like with others. The more people that live well, eat well and pay it forward, the better <3


Ashley Gilday

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  1. Great site, you are inspirational!

    1. Thank you so much Bob!!! It means a lot!

  2. Ashley Gilday brand…. Perfect. You are the excitement in so many good things. Eating right, sustainability and paying it forward.
    Great new site. Inspirational is a great word….showing so many of us that want to learn more about living a healthy and mindful life.
    Look forward to your news letters!

    1. Thank you so much Jim! I appreciate the kind words. It keeps me moving forward!

  3. The new website looks great! Looking forward to all the great recipes to come!

    1. Thank you Lindsey! That means a lot. I can’t wait to get all of the new recipes out to you!

  4. how do I sign up for your FABULOUS newsletter? I clicked the box – is that it?

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