berry smoothie recipe

I have a new found love for smoothies!

And I have a confession to make. There was a period in my life when I ate basically zero fruits, beside tomatoes. I was “afraid” of sugar and thought if I was going to have something sweet, I should just have ice cream or chocolate pudding, because that is what I really wanted. I was also slightly addicted to fake sugars, you know Splenda? Turns out, once I gave up Splenda and every other type of artificial sweetener, I actually lost weight. Yep, you heard right. I also felt a hell of a lot better.

Seeing that I was addicted to fake sugars, it makes sense that I never liked to drink my calories, so a majority of my “fake sugar” intake was in the form of Crystal light, diet Kool Aid and diet sodas.  If I was going to have a blended fruit drink, aka a smoothie,  it contained rum. Period.

Can you relate?

Wow have times changed! And for the better! I cannot get enough of my healthy smoothie recipes and I love making them! I’m notorious for concocting different drink creations for my friends and family and have been told I’m quite good at it. Today, I craft a boatload of healthy smoothie recipes and have fun doing it. So why not head over to my smoothie recipe page and bust out your blender. You be the judge…………

Am I living up to my reputation as a “concoctologist?”

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