23 Apr

The birth of a reluctant mom

1 Comment Jaclyn Levy Live Well, The Mommy Diaries

by Jaclyn Levy I have a confession to make. I never wanted to be a mom.  I didn’t play house growing up. I played Mario Kart on Nintendo 64.  I didn’t ask Santa for dolls, I asked for a skateboard.  As a girl I didn’t dream about my future wedding;

17 Apr

Protein: the healthy way

No Comments Jacqueline Kravette Eat Well, Live Well, Wellness

by Jacqueline Kravette  The word “veganism” arouses a range of reactions. Personally, I’ve been a vegan of all varieties; I’ve been a holier than thou, arrogant, ostracizing and self-righteous vegan, getting un-friended or blocked on Facebook by friends and family for my opinions. I have also attempted the ” live

22 Sep

10 invaluable life lessons I learned from my 20’s

No Comments Ashley Gilday Inspiration, Live Well

Looking back at my twenties sends a whole host of emotions pumping through my ventricles. There were joyous times of celebration and release, paired with a perfect combination of dysfunction and despair. The idyllic recipe for one hell of a cocktail; many of which I indulged. Oh, how I am

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