21 Jul

Quick and easy vegetarian stir fry recipe

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by Samantha Turner I love making vegetarian stir fry recipes because they are quick, easy and require very little planning. Just choose your favorite type of grain (rice, quinoa, millet, etc.), your favorite veggies (or whatever is sitting in your vegetable drawer), a plant-based protein (beans, tofu, etc.) and a

10 Apr

How Shauna Martin of Daily Greens took health into her own hands after being diagnosed with cancer

by Samantha Turner Just one year after giving birth to her son, full time corporate lawyer, Shauna Martin, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer at 33 years old.  Multiple surgeries including: one year of chemo, a double mastectomy and double oophorechtomy, plus six years of hormone therapy

13 Mar

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Aimee Batuski NYC based food enthusiast and socialite. Aimee Batuski is driven by her passion for healthy, plant-based living and supporting others in achieving what’s most important to them in life. She has worked in the natural food industry for a number of years and is currently working for Chloe’s

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