25 Aug

Our chat with Filmmaker Shaun Monson on his new film UNITY

by Jacqueline Kravette UNITY, the second impassioned documentary from filmmaker Shaun Monson, which explores the connection among all other species and human beings and their proclivity to separate from not only other species, but also other humans. In his exploration of how we are all the same; from the same

19 Jun

Doubting the California drought: Reassessing our impact on the water shortage

by Jacqueline Kravette Most of the country knows that California is in the midst of a massive and devastating drought. Moreover, the water shortage across the globe is reaching perilous levels.  One morning, as I was pondering writing this article, I met one of my closest friends for coffee. I

17 Apr

Protein: the healthy way

No Comments Jacqueline Kravette Eat Well, Live Well, Wellness

by Jacqueline Kravette  The word “veganism” arouses a range of reactions. Personally, I’ve been a vegan of all varieties; I’ve been a holier than thou, arrogant, ostracizing and self-righteous vegan, getting un-friended or blocked on Facebook by friends and family for my opinions. I have also attempted the ” live

13 Mar

Meet Our Contributors

No Comments Ashley Gilday

Aimee Batuski NYC based food enthusiast and socialite. Aimee Batuski is driven by her passion for healthy, plant-based living and supporting others in achieving what’s most important to them in life. She has worked in the natural food industry for a number of years and is currently working for Chloe’s

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